Inspired by my travels abroad , my main fascination is with local markets, whether local produce, flea markets or art and craft markets. They tell you so much about the lifestyles and artistic traditions of the country and opens one's eyes to new colour combinations, patterns and textures.

My 'Still Life' sculptural wall art is inspired by simple kitchen displays of food waiting to be prepared- like oil paintings of the old masters or the colourful foodie magazines of today. 

Craft&Design Magazine Selected Maker 'Gold Award for Ceramics 2016'

Emerging Potters Online Magazine has an article about me and my work - click to read on page 30

Clay Craft Magazine I am delighted that the second edition of the  Clay Craft Magazine has my 'Fish Market Box - Cornish Mackerel' on the front cover! 

Open Studio Weekend Sat 23rd & Sun 24th November

11.00am - 5.00pm

I have just finished a new range of smallest hand embellished & signed limited edition wood panel prints 32x40x3cm. Large, medium and small panels are also on display alongside my wood panel tables, ceramics and new mosaic artwork in progress!

if you can't come this weekend studio open by appointment 25th-28th November, 11th - 23rd December Please email me. 

Refreshments always offered!

Free delivery on wood panels up to Christmas, please enquire about availability.