Studio Sales for Artists Support Pledge

Artist Support Pledge

I am delighted to be taking part in this initiative selling my work in my studio. All items on this page, small wood panel prints and my handmade tiles,  are under £200,00 with delivery to UK included, other delivery addresses at cost

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many artists have found themselves without work., teaching, technical support and gallery work.  Matthew Burrows instigated this Artist Support Pledge on 16th March 2020.. This project uses social media platform Instagram, which is a popular platform for artists to post images and share their work. Artists can post their images using #artistsupportpledge giving details of their works and price (no more than £200.00 or equivalent) If people are interested in buying they email/message DM the artist. Anyone can buy the work and artists don't need permission to join. Every time an artist reaches £1,000 of sales they pledge to buy £200 of work from other artist(s). 

Please email me if you are interested in any of these items, or would like to discuss how you'd like to use the tiles in your interior, I'm sure I can help.  More detailed photos are available. The price includes delivery to UK addresses, other addresses will be quoted at cost..

Please visit my Instagram diana_tonnison_ceramics account.