6 Handmade tiles Vintage lace patterns #3 100 x 8mm each

£ 60.00

These handmade tiles are made using my vintage lace pieces I've collected over the years, I carefully press them into the clay. Each tile is hand painted with my various  coloured glazes and each is  a 'one-off' design.  These tiles can be used as a centre piece display, placed at random, or a border design .surrounded by other plainer bought tiles to compliment the interior. They can also be mounted on a piece of wood for a lovely hot plate stand in middle of table, I am happy to quote for doing this.  They can also be used as decorative coasters, please ask me for protective backing to be added £2,00 extra for set.,

If you wish to have more tiles in similar theme please contact me by email and I will see what I have in studio.

These are sold as a set and FREE delivery to UK addresses. Other addresses delivery will be quoted at cost. 

If you are interested please email me or call 07887561042

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