Clay workshops at Schools & Studio

My clay workshops at schools includes supplying all clay ready prepared, decorative mark making tools and wide range of coloured glazes suitable for the pupils.  I fire the work in my studio for the bisque and glaze firings. The work makes a wonderful display at the school !  

Hanslope Studio Workshops

From time to time I run workshops for Adults in my studio. Numbers are limited to 5 so that more individual attention can be given. Please email me if you are interested for further information 

Open Studio Events

For my next Open Studio weekend, yet to be planned for 2018,  visitors are able to have a go at glazing a handmade ceramic fish (previously made by me), watch it it being fired and when its cool scrub it up and take it home! If you are interested in being notified of the event please email me. 

This is a really fun event and suitable for children including Grans and Grandads!...... and most Mums and Dads end up having a go too when they see the lovely results!! Each fish unique and ready to be displayed on a wall!